AktivOxigen Serum  

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Approved for DiabeticsCommitted to a Greener PlanetAll Natural IngredientsNot Tested on AnimalsRecommended for Sensitive Teeth100% VeganBrighten TeethMade in the USA

Mix this highly concentrated, unflavored, oxygenating serum with water or fruit juice to produce a powerful, antibacterial oral rinse solution that is very effective at eliminating the bad breath germs in your throat and tonsils when used as directed. You can mix the AktivOxigen Serum with water or your favorite fruit juice to create a powerful, oxygenating oral rinse.

The AktivOxigen Serum can also be added to any TheraBreath® Oral Rinse to make it stronger.

Approximately 60 uses per bottle.

How To Use This Product

• For regular use, squeeze about 8 drops of AktivOxigen Serum into the plastic measuring tube. Add water or fruit juice to fill line. (Use orange or pineapple juice for best results.) Swirl this mixture in your mouth for 30 seconds, gargle for 5 additional seconds and spit. Rinse your mouth with water for 10 seconds and spit.
• For a maximum strength solution, use up to 16 drops.
• You can also add a few drops to our Oral Rinse formulas for more strength.

Important Note

• Never use undiluted AktivOxigen Serum! Always dilute with water or fruit juice as directed.
• This serum is highly concentrated, and therefore should never be used more than the 16 drops. Increase the number of drops gradually to test for best result


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