Dry Mouth Oral Rinse  

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Approved for DiabeticsCommitted to a Greener PlanetAll Natural IngredientsNot Tested on AnimalsRecommended for Sensitive Teeth100% VeganBrighten TeethMade in the USA

Combining soothing, moisturizing enzymes with our natural salivary stimulants, TheraBreath® Dry Mouth Oral Rinse is a breakthrough solution to help reverse dry mouth symptoms.

Most products currently on the market only focus on hydrating and adding lubrication which ignore the root cause of dry mouth – not enough healthy saliva! Our proprietary, natural salivary stimulant actually helps your mouth produce more natural saliva, providing a comfortable and effective solution for your dry mouth symptoms.

• natural active ingredient
• helps produce more natural saliva
• soothes and moisturizes

How To Use This Product

• Use 2-3 times per day
• Use 1-2 capfuls and gargle thoroughly. Try to let the oral rinse reach as far back in your throat as possible without gagging
• Gargle for at least 30 seconds, or for as long as you can
• With a new capful of rinse, swish rinse completely around your entire mouth for at least another 45 seconds

Important Note

• Do not dilute with water!
• Do not rinse with water afterward!
• Benefits of this product will be canceled out if you use other products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; this chemical element gives the "bubble" texture.


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