Mouth Wetting Lozenges (100 pcs)  

Brand: TheraBreath
Product Code: T2019-HGM100
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Approved for DiabeticsCommitted to a Greener PlanetAll Natural IngredientsNot Tested on AnimalsRecommended for Sensitive Teeth100% VeganMade in the USA

Our unique Lozenges are unlike any breath mint you have ever tried. They work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth is fresh, moist, and healthy. This three stage approach is not only unique, but incredibly effective at controlling dry mouth and bad breath odor. Try our Lozenges - we guarantee you have never experienced a mint like this!

How the Lozenges work

Stage 1 - Uses our pleasant citrus mint formula to quickly eliminate any unpleasant flavors or odors in your mouth.
Stage 2 - Uses the power of Zinc, Oxygen, and Xylitol - our clinical strength active ingredients -to attack the germs that cause bad breath. 
Stage 3 - Introduces our proprietary salivary agent to eliminate dry mouth and stimulate your body to produce saliva, a powerful germ fighting agent. 

How To Use This Product

Place a lozenge in mouth whenever you feel dry or experience an unpleasant flavor. Three or four a day should keep your mouth fresh, moist, and free of bad breath.

Important Note

The "tingy" sensation on the tongue during and after the consumption of the lozenges is normal; it is the natural ingredient in the lozenges that help your mouth generate more saliva.

The lozenges do not contain artifical sugar.


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